Phlebotomy Technician

Phlebotomy Certification in CT – Phlebotomy Training in CT

Phlebotomy Technician (Phlebotomist) Training Program

This program is an avocation course. The Phlebotomy course for professionals from the related field like Patient Care Technicians and Certified Nurse Aides, who want to get an in-depth knowledge about the field and use it to advance in the field. This program could be used towards professional development or continuing education.

Program Courses:

  • Medical – legal issues and health law procedures
  • Proper Procedures for Venipuncture and Capillary
  • Phlebotomy equipments
  • Special Collection Procedures
  • Storage, safety, quality and hygiene
  • Phlebotomy Department Management
  • Infectious Diseases and Their Prevention

Program Prerequisite

  • This program could be used towards professional development or continuing education. To enroll in the course, the students should have completed or should have been enrolled in the following areas/programs but not limited to: Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) program or Nursing related field or Biomedical Science Program or currently working in medical field or has a medical background and is looking to enter into a research field.
  • If you do not have the prerequisites to do the Phlebotomy program, look into the Patient Care Technician program.

Program Requirements

  • The student may be required to bring in their family and friends to volunteer for them in order to meet national exam requirements. For example: Phlebotomy students are required to get their own volunteers to complete 40 blood draws. The student is also expected to volunteer for the other fellow students in the lab. Majority of the draws and lab practice is done with the students that are in class, however it is the students responsibility to stay on track with completing the 40 blood draws within the time-frame of the program. Phlebotomy students must have their instructor sign off on each successful blood draw on their log sheet in order for the student to be eligible to take the National Certification Exam to become certified.

Program Length and Schedule:

  • 80 Clock Hours
  • Classroom Instruction & Lab – 80 Hours
Upcoming Schedule
Length 4 – 5 Weeks
Schedule Day 9am – 2pm
Evening 5pm-9pm
Start Date TBT
Requirements High School or GED

Next Step:

  • Eligible students can take Certification exam for Certified Phlebotomy Technician