4 Ways To Get the Most From Your Externship

An externship is all about gaining experience and contacts which will assist you in your future career goals. Here are 4 important steps to follow during your externship.

1. Set clear goals

In any job, it’s very essential to understand what is expected of you, and your externship won’t be any different. By setting specific goals together with your employer, you’ll be ready to gain structure and meaning from the externship.

Below are some samples of goals you’ll want to discuss:

  • What are the specific skills you need to focus on?
  • What are the specific areas or projects your employer needs help with?
  • How will you seek guidance or ask questions when needed?
  • Where to seek out resources and answers on your own when possible?
  • How will your employer deliver feedback on your performance?
  • How to communicate about delays or adjust timelines on an assignment if needed?

2. Identify a mentor

A mentor is a person who can guide you during the beginning of your career and eventually be a bridge to professional networks and learning opportunities. They can be a trusted source of feedback and knowledge.

You’ll want to pick someone who you admire and has the talents and traits you would like to develop. Communicating with employers on your job performance will provide an opportunity for you to improve and make the necessary changes during your externship. The professional relationships that you create during your experience will also be part of your professional network of people who can attest to your knowledge and ability to do a great job. Remember, your future relationships with your network must be nurtured and continued long after your externship has ended to keep it alive and well.

3. Build a positive outlook throughout

During your externship, you’ll be learning so many new skills, navigating the hierarchy of the organization, and fostering professional growth. Be gentle with yourself when things don’t go just as you planned. It is important to find meaningful ways to reward yourself for the effort and dedication you have given to learning a new skill.

Being resilient while learning from your mistakes can have a profound effect on both your mental and physical health. Researchers have noted people who are resilient tend to harness their inner strengths and resources, to rebound quickly and more fully from setbacks.

4. Stay in-touch

As your internship ends, send personalized thoughtful thank you notes or emails to the people you’ve worked with. Mention projects you worked on together, express your gratitude for any guidance they provided, and include your personal contact information.

Here are some sentence starters you’ll include in your thank you notes:

“I am thankful for the time we shared …”
“I would really like to remain connected …”

About Externships:

At AIHT Education, the student will be evaluated on the following criteria by the clinical site preceptor/ supervisor every month and on the final evaluation.


  • Has sufficient knowledge about the applicable clinical examination, test and procedures
  • Is eager to learn and/or shows interest in learning new information, procedure and tests


  • Operates effectively under stressful or difficult conditions
  • Can perform the clinical examination or test in a logical and efficient manner according to the clinical site’s protocol
  • Performs assigned tasks like taking vitals, performing EKG with appropriate supervision for clinical level
  • Overall demonstrates proficiency as an entry level medical assistant


  • Is punctual in arriving at the clinical site
  • Uses the downtime wisely, assists in daily maintenance of the examination equipment, restocks the supplies, and performs all duties in an efficient and organized manner
  • Respects the patient at all times and utilizes good bed side manners
  • Displays a respectful manner to fellow team members and is willing to help others as needed
  • Is receptive to suggestions and/ or corrections and accepts constructive criticism well
  • Makes note of and learns from mistakes and strives to perform assignments to the best of his/her ability

For more information about the externships and the medical education training at our school, please call 203-870-8400 or schedule an appointment.