Qualities of a Patient Care Technician

The new generation gets attracted to opportunities that let them explore new avenues of growth and gain self-satisfaction, which is why the career as a certified patient care technician has become very popular. This is a healthcare profile that allows you to interact with patients every day and make their lives better as they recover in a healthcare facility.

As per the report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Overall employment of nursing assistants (Including patient care) and orderlies is expected to increase by 4 percent from 2022 to 2032, which is about the same rate of growth as the average for all occupations. These statistics show that the patient care technician career will grow significantly in the upcoming years.

Today, we will analyze this career option and see what qualities are required to be a successful PCT. This is indeed a secret, as personal qualities are critical apart from educational qualifications since they allow a person to contribute better to the tasks assigned.

Patient Care Technician Job Outlook

A person who wishes to become a patient care technician needs to enrol in a certification program that imparts knowledge, expertise, and humility to perform the expected duties. A PCT is expected to work individually with patients, assisting them in their daily routine and keeping track of their well-being as well as their recovery process.

One needs to track and record vital signs on a regular basis and perform tasks like collecting specimens for testing, monitoring medication and diet, assisting healthcare professionals in emergency rooms and diagnostics like EKG.

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Required Qualities for a Patient Care Technician

PCT is a challenging role and calls for dedication and effort. However, completing a patient care technician certification program does not make you the best PCT since there are some personal skills and qualities that you must have to have a better understanding of the situation and take measures accordingly. So, Here are some skills required to become a patient care technician.


Patients are not in the proper physical and mental state, and hence, they demand more care and compassion from the professionals who interact with them. Since a PCT needs to interact with and assist a patient on a daily basis, empathy is definitely a vital quality.

You need to render emotional support and physical help so that the patient feels comfortable and content. A positive patient is believed to cooperate better with the treatment, allowing him to recover faster. Therefore, remember to empathize, communicate, and build a strong bond.


The role of a patient care technician requires critical thinking. You must assess the information obtained from the tests, prescriptions, and recommended treatment to render the best healthcare assistance. There can be situations where you need to make quick choices and respond with the best strategy. Hence, you should have a problem-solving approach in this profile.

Effective communication

Healthcare professionals like nurses and doctors visit patients once a day to check if the patient is fine and responding to the treatment well. They depend on the information that a PCT shares with them since he is the one who spends considerable time and has in-depth analysis.

Therefore, if you pursue PCT as a career option, you need to have the best communication skills so that you can convey your observations and concerns accurately to the concerned professional. Remember, your feedback is crucial since it allows the doctor to decide on the future treatment.

Team player

All healthcare professionals need to work as a team to render the best treatment and experience to the patient. Therefore, as a patient care technician, you should be an efficient team player. You need to be enthusiastic, positive, and proactive.

Ethics and professionalism

The role of a PCT calls for responsibilities, and hence, maintaining professionalism and work ethics is essential. You need to handle data very responsibly since, as per legal standards, it is confidential. Also, you should be aware of all legal implications involved in this job profile.

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Attention to details

One of the most essential soft skills required for patient care technicians is paying attention to every detail. Usually, patients have an ailment, and every detail associated with them is crucial for future treatment progress. Hence, you need to identify the concerns, record them accurately, and then report every point clearly.


As a PCT operating in a healthcare setting, you need to be adaptable in terms of working hours and acclimating to the environment and the patient. You may need to work with patients with diverse ailments and temperaments; hence, be prepared to evolve according to the situation.

Technological expertise

As a patient care technician, you will need to work with medical equipment, like EKGs and diagnostics. Hence, you need to constantly upgrade your technological expertise as modern equipment is continuously introduced to render better treatment. Understanding new technology becomes a requisite for better output.


The job of a PCT is challenging since you need to be always on your toes, especially if you are working in a vast setup where you may need to monitor several patients simultaneously. Therefore, in such situations, persistence is the key to better performance, so be emotionally and physically strong to support patients and their families.

Time management

Time is of the essence in healthcare since an indecision of a few minutes can adversely influence the patient’s condition. Therefore, as a patient care technician, you need to be mindful and manage time by prioritizing duties and devoting time to patients according to their health issues so that those with severe ailments get proper attention and can recuperate quickly.

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Key Takeaways

We have highlighted all the qualities of a patient care technician that you should possess to be an efficient and successful patient care technician, work on your capabilities and try achieving them with your dedication.

Remember, your role is vital for the healthcare professionals and the patients; therefore, you need to comprehend your duties and do your best. If you possess these skills, you will be a good PCT who would make a significant positive impact on the patient’s lives.

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1) What makes a good PCT?

An efficient PCT is competent and possesses a blend of knowledge, practical experience, and soft skills. Interpersonal skills like patience, empathy, flexibility, and professionalism are requisites for a good PCT.

2) What is one of the most critical agilities a patient care technician (PCT) will perform?

The patient care technician works closely with patients who are not in perfect physical and mental condition; therefore, the PCT needs to render emotional support and help perform all essential functions, so patience is an important, must-have skill.

3) What does PCT do?

The PCT is the connecting channel between the patient and healthcare professionals. He takes care of the patient on a daily basis with basic activities and tasks that give professionals better insight into the patient’s condition.

4) How to become a patient care technician?

If you have decided to become a PCT, check for institutions that offer training programs. These programs impart knowledge and practical experience to students, preparing them for the actual healthcare setup. Once you have completed the certification course, you can apply for positions in different healthcare organizations.

5) How to prepare for a PCT interview?

If you join a PCT program from a reputable institute, they will support you by preparing you in every potential way, from written exams to interviews. In fact, the best PCT institutions also offer hands-on training so that the trainees get insight into the job profile and obligations.

6) What are the various soft skills that a PCT is expected to have?

Some common yet crucial soft skills that a PCT is expected to have are time management, flexibility to work in a stressful environment, critical thinking, teamwork, and more. These attributes allow the person to give better input into the patient’s recovery.

7) What are the job description of a patient care technician?

The profile of a PCT is to monitor vital signs regularly, assist patients in routine activities, collect samples for testing, and communicate the recorded observations with the nurse or doctor so that they can decide on a further treatment plan.

8) What is the role of a patient care technician?

The PCT must work with the patient and ensure that he gets the treatment as prescribed by the doctor. Monitoring the medication and diet plan, along with specimen collection for diagnosis, are some of the functions that a PCT is expected to accomplish.