Testimonials from AIHT Students



“I just graduated from the Medical Assistant program here at AIHT in July and I had a wonderful experience. The staff is super nice and friendly as well as supportive during the entire duration of the program.”

Gillian Mariconda, Medical Assistant Graduate


“I recently graduated from AIHT, Cardiovascular Technology program. I did my clinical hours at Windham Hospital in Willimantic where I got hired right after. During covid, I realized how important the healthcare field was so I decided that I wanted to pursue my career in the medical field. After searching for and touring a few schools in my area I chose the AIHT ultrasound program. Lauren and Ravish were very helpful explaining all the steps and processes. As a single mother, AIHT’s flexible hybrid program enabled me to balance my personal life and school schedule really well. Upon completion of my clinical hours I felt really confident about my knowledge and felt comfortable taking the CCI board exam. I scored a 845 and officially became Registered Cardiac Sonographer. Finally, I want to thank all of the instructors and staff at AIHT for enabling me to start my new journey in the medical field as a Cardiac Sonographer.”

Yossinee Israsena, Cardiovascular Technologist Graduate


Alexcia CVT

Started in July of 2019 and graduated in 2021 from their Vascular Technology program. The professors and faculty were attentive and supportive throughout it all, even with a pandemic going on. The school arranges the students externship site, and I was fortunate to get a job offer at my site by the end of it. I’m super blessed to start 2022 with a great career!

Jessica Espinosa, Vascular Technologist

Alexcia CVT

I enrolled for the cardiovascular technologist program as the offerings of the program intrigued me and also to boost my career from a dead-end desk job. The instructors in AIHT are considerate and very helpful. They make sure that every student understands the material and often give extra time to students after class to clear their doubts. I strongly believe that after gaining knowledge from AIHT, I’ll be looking forward to work in a rewarding career where I can keep learning and growing. Alexcia Delmonico, Cardiovascular Technology

Bryan Oei

Earlier I worked as a bartender and at construction sites. I was always inclined towards having my career in the medical field. I feel joining AIHT was one of the best decisions of my life. When I was facing difficulties in understanding a few concepts, my instructor personally tutored me before my final exam to ensure all my concepts were clear. I have had an amazing experience of learning and growing in AIHT and I look forward to get my national certification.

Bryan Oei, Medical Billing and Coding

Xiomara Medina

Since my childhood, I knew I wanted to work in a healthcare field and help people in a way I can. Medical Assisting program of AIHT enticed me as it was an accelerated program. My career service coordinator extensively helped me to find a suitable externship site where I got an opportunity to practice everything that I learned in school. Also, I was fortunate enough to learn both the roles of medical assistant at back and front office.

Xiomara Medina, Medical Assistant

Helen Pabon Rodriguez

My mother inspired me to join AIHT for further education as she herself had completed a program here and found a decent job after that. She made me believe that it would be a turning point of my career after graduating from AIHT. The infrastructure of the school is really impressive. The advantage of a small class size helped me keep focus and have undivided attention.

Helen Pabon Rodriguez, Medical Assistant

Tiffany Valderrama

I previously worked in hospital processing specimens in a lab. I felt I was kind of stuck with my profile and couldn’t see any possible growth. It was then I realized I needed to educate myself further and started researching about various schools. I selected AIHT out of all because of its program offering and flexible course timings. I was keen on learning more about the medical insurance industry and thus decided to enroll for Medical Billing and Coding program. The instructors are the icing on the cake. They are very generous and helpful; they not only supervise you with the course material but also give guidance about the career. Overall, I had a great learning experience.

Tiffany Valderrama, Medical Billing and Coding


I am in the Cardiovascular Technologist (CVT) program at AIHT. My experience with this school has been quite remarkable. The staff is very friendly, the administration knows who everyone is and treats everyone with respect, so you don’t feel like a number, you feel like family. I chose this school because I liked the idea of having smaller classes and it was the right choice. The instructors here in my experience are very knowledgeable about the subjects they are teaching, have a real passion for teaching that helps the students really learn the material and retain it, and have always been willing to offer extra help after school hours if needed. It is a short, condensed program, and increases in intensity as you go, but it is all well worth it. I’m so glad I made the choice to go through with this program, and I’m looking forward to starting on my new career path soon!

Felicia Nicholson, Cardiovascular Technologist (CVT)

I completed the Medical Billing and Coding program at AIHT and I am now working as a Medical Receptionist and Biller. I chose this school because the feedback from other students was good. My instructors were very helpful and gave me the motivation and encouragement to not give up.

Marybell Rodriguez, Medical Billing and Coding Graduate


I chose to enroll in the Medical Billing and Coding program because I was interested in learning about the Coding and Insurance side of the medical field. The instructors explained everything in detail and took the time to go over material again if you had any questions. I enjoyed my classmates and instructors the most. Everyone at the school was always in a good mood and very helpful if you had any questions. I also enjoyed the class in itself because the material was very interesting. Everything I learned on my externship was helpful because it showed me what it would really be like when I’m out working in the real world. Also, seeing everything in person helps you understand what was taught in class.

Emma Armstrong Medical Billing and Coding Graduate

I heard about AIHT through the Health Career Academy. I went to the school for an orientation and it really made me interested in coming to the school. I chose this school because of the convenient location, small classes, and the timeframe of the program. Right now, I am learning about the Medical Assistant clinical and administrative procedures. I have had a few instructors while going to school here. My instructor now, Colleen had us work a project about how to dress and act professionally in the medical field. I had such a good time with that project. I also enjoyed Dr. Michael lectures, he is a very educated teacher who taught the material with a sense of humor. He was very helpful and always answered all my questions. There was a time in the EKG class that I didn’t understand the heart beat rhythm and he explained how it works and went over everything in detail. Overall the instructors do an amazing job. I am looking forward to go on my externship and working on updating my resume.

Maria Vega, Medical Assistant Student


I did some research online for different schools that offered the Medical Assistant program. I found good reviews about the school online so I decided to visit the school. I selected AIHT because of the good reviews and job placement rate. Right now I am in the last module of the Medical Assistant program. I am learning about the clinical and administrative side of the field. The instructors are great with repetition. My favorite part about attending AIHT are my classmates and the instructors different personalities and teaching styles. I also like that the school gives you the books to keep at the beginning of each class. I am looking forward to graduating and working as a Medical Assistant!

Gisella Serrano, Medical Assistant Student

I always knew I wanted to do something within the healthcare field, especially pertaining to imaging. The diagnostic side of imaging within healthcare delivers so many answers for doctors and most importantly for patients. Growing up at the VA, I watched my mom perform X-Rays and MRIs and thus the field had always intrigued me. I had been attending Capital Community College in Hartford, Connecticut completing general Ed classes to get a feel for what I would want to do. Once I started the cardiovascular ultrasound program here at AIHT I knew right away that this was going to be a perfect fit for me and a career that would project me into a secured future, both financially and mentally. The program has definitely been a lot to take in and grow with. As with any diagnostic imaging or healthcare related job geared towards identifying pathologies with a person’s body, in this program as well you will need to be well equipped with not only the hands on training but also theory. Overall I am very happy with my instructors that I have come to learn from and encourage anyone who is interested in diagnostic medical imaging to look into ultrasound.

Jeffrey Remillard, Cardiovascular Technologist (CVT)

Hello!!! I am a current student of AIHT. I graduated with Masters of Business Administration in Retail Operation in 2011. Prior coming to United States in 2013, I was never interested in healthcare. My Husband encouraged me to pursue a career in healthcare field by showing me the stability and rewarding careers available. Getting on the path of going back to school was very difficult and felt like starting from the beginning all over again. After researching healthcare programs that were available, I chose to be an Ultrasound technologist. I started school at Gateway Community College and the program there would have taken 3 years to complete. Even though I had been going to GCC for 1 year when I found AIHT in an ad in my community newspaper I reached out right away. When I found that the course is less than 2 years with a steady schedule I decided to inquire in detail and ended up enrolling in the program. At AIHT I am able to complete the program in less than 2 years. This would allow me to get into the work force earlier and start gaining experience. My experience here at AIHT has been wonderful. I feel as though I am a part of a family that meets 9am-2pm Monday through Friday. I have built great relationships with fellow students and instructors. When I need help and do not understand something someone is always there to take the time to help me understand. The instructors are very knowledgeable and have lots of experience. The AIHT staff goes out of their way to help build student resumes and find externship locations. They also provide extra material and review for the registry as well. Student life at AIHT as an Ultrasound Technologist day students consist of Monday through Friday 9am-2pm class. It can be a challenge to stay focused in class but you get use to it very quick. It is a fast paced program that requires studying every day. Upon graduating from the program, I look forward to work as an Ultrasound Technologist. I plan on doing this for a few years and hopefully I will be able to use my MBA in the healthcare industry as well. As an Ultrasound Technologist I will be able to provide my employer with other skills I obtained while getting my MBA.

Nishma Patel, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (DMS)

My name is Angelita Fattibene. I am currently a cardiovascular student at AIHT. I obtained my certified nursing assistant, phlebotomy, and medical assistant certificates from previous schools. I presently work at one of the local hospitals in Fairfield County. I am fortunate to work in the MICU as a patient care technician I have gained so much experience working alongside with excellent healthcare professionals. I enjoy helping people and love my job but I needed a change so I came to AIHT for training and education in the field of Cardiac sonography. I have always been fascinated watching sonographers perform ultrasounds on my patients and my dream is to become a sonographer myself. I want to fulfill my dream and hope that I can contribute back to the community. I have had a great experience since I enrolled at AIHT. It is very stressful working fulltime, going to school fulltime and I having a toddler at home. Luckily my professors are wonderful and they are always accommodating to my hectic schedule. It has been a difficult journey but I know that this school is doing everything they can to provide me with the proper training and skills that I need to become a professional. I knew this program was going to be challenging but I have to give it my all in order to succeed in pursuing my dreams. Other individuals have done it and so can I. My advice to any prospective students who is planning on changing careers or even possibly starting a new one in the future, do your research and inquire about what AIHT has to offer you because they may be able to guide you on your journey in the healthcare field.

Angelita Fattibene, Cardiovascular Technologist (CVT)


The lectures at AIHT are great and informative because the professors really go into depth on the subject to prepare the students for their careers and any certifications they are training for. AIHT’s staff treat you not only as just another student, but they take the time to get to know you and offer assistance beyond the classroom if needed. I enjoyed the externship because it provided me with hands on experience towards my field in Medical Assisting. At the end of my program AIHT Education’s career services department helped me with updating my resume with all the experience I received during my schooling.

Tamoya Culbreath, Medical Assistant Student


I love the instructors and the staff at AIHT Education. They are very good at teaching and care about my education. They helped me so much to complete the Echocardiography program, especially when I was going through a hard time and wanted to quit, they were there for me. The lectures I received from them were exceptional, the instructors are very knowledgeable and take the time to go over the lectures. If you were struggling they would stay with you after school and go over the lectures again. I have been to different schools before and compared them with AIHT, they were far beyond inferior to AIHT. The education I received is far beyond excellent. I will always recommend AIHT Education to anyone. Great Job AIHT!

Garry Sanon, Echocardiography Student


I was well educated with a full background on my field and felt completely ready for the workplace. The staff at AIHT is extremely helpful, very educated and taught me to the best of their ability. The externship experience was great because I learned more hands on with the patients, it also helped me realize this is definitely the field I want to be in and worked so hard for.

Lutisha Otero, Medical Assistant Student


I am a recent graduate of Billing & Coding Program and already obtained job in the field. I had a wonderful instructor who taught me very well and they have very friendly staff.

Susan Law Matthews, Billing & Coding Graduate


The lectures from the instructors feel very one on one, they are very descriptive and any questions will be answered, the staff at AIHT are very understanding, supportive and will guide you.

Diana Orjuela, Ultrasound student


The teachers are well prepared to teach you, they will go the extra mile just to make sure that we, the students understand the subjects. The staff is amazing and flexible, not only that but the staff is always willing to work with the students anyway they possibly can.

Yovena Simplice, Ultrasound student


The teachers are great, knowledgeable and very patient, they have a great attitude toward the students and make my learning a pleasure. AIHT’s staff is very dedicated to our needs to find a possible solution.

James Auguste, Ultrasound Student


I am very impressed with the quality of education & training AIHT Education provides. I got best exposure and learning experience during my externship at Stop & Shop Pharmacy.

Gerdrut Hevita (AIHT Graduate)


Teaching staff is excellent and very knowledgeable. They presented course material in such a way that made it easier to understand items. I would definitely recommend to come here.

Cathy Reed (AIHT Student)


Academics (Didactic/clinical):
I like the LECTURES and CLINICALS at AIHT Education because… The lectures and clinical example we reccive are very interesting and instructive, and help to reinforce our learning. One of the best things about AIHT Education is that the class sizes are small. This provides for an optimum learning experience, because amaller classes guarantees that our teachers can provide us with individualized attention so that we learn each concept before we move onto the next item of study.

I like the STAFF at AIHT Education because… The staff at AIHT Education are all top-notch professionals, in the top echelon of their respective fields. My Medical Terminology teacher is a credentialed Medical Doctor, and my Medical Billing and Coding teacher is not only benefiting us with her years of experience of teaching in this field, but is also a professional, certified Billing and hospitals. These are enthusiastic, dedicated professionals who not only love the subjects that they are teaching – but they love to teach, as well. Their classes are interesting and fun, because they truly enjoy what they do. We are definitely benefiting from their experience.

Lori Russell

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