6 Valuable Tips For Successful Medical Assistant Externship

Externships are experiential learning opportunities provided by partnerships between educational institutions and employers to give students short practical experiences in their field of study. A medical assistant externship enables students to work with experienced medical assistants of the field. An externship trainee is expected to carry out the exact duties of a medical assistant that are covered in school. Besides, it enhances self-confidence and extemporizes several skills that are educated by a medical professional during the externship program.

An externship is an opportunity to observe, learn and grow! To have an effective externship and gain most out of it, follow some basic tips listed below:

1. Research about the externship site

Research about the externship site

It is essential to research about the work place before you start. This helps to interact intellectually with the healthcare professionals of that site.

2. Be reliable and punctual

Promptness and timely presence are the best indicators that establishes dependability and constancy. Be punctual at work and show enthusiasm for all trivial duties that are offered. Especially take the time to pay attention to patient’s needs. Always have a positive look and follow all the instructions carefully.

3. Ask questions

The best way to grasp more knowledge is by asking questions until all the doubts are resolved. Many a times, you will observe that the procedures taught in the school are different from the actual work place. Don’t hesitate to ask questions when you fail to understand at the first go. Be polite and respectful while asking questions. The more you ask, the more you learn!

4. Maintain confidentiality

Maintain confidentiality

The privacy guiding principles of the medical office are always applicable to an externship trainee also. Any personal or health information about a specific patient should never discussed with any person outside the medical office for whatever reasons. This is especially important for electronic health records.

5. Be thorough

As a medical assistant, your actions have a direct impact on patients, their families and your co-workers. It is very essential to conduct all the procedures efficiently. Learn to give attention to minute details. Make sure to avoid blunders as there is very little room for error in the medical field.

6. Follow up

Follow up with expernship members

Following-up at the end of the externship is one of the best way to connect with people you have worked and reach out to them for your final placement. Before you follow-up, it is important to show gratitude and thank everyone who has helped you throughout your externship and guided every time you went wrong. After you leave you can connect with them on LinkedIn, send an email, or write a personal thank-you note. You can also for recommendation.

Stick on to these suggestions and soon you will discover your externship program to be an experience of grand value and success! At AIHT, we have various allied healthcare programs along with medical assistant to give you a head start in the healthcare industry.

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