Salary of a Medical Assistant in USA

The medical profession is one of the noblest occupations out there. Doctors enable the thin line between life and death, battling mortality quite heroically. These are the people we regard as real-life heroes – But these heroes demand real-life backstage workers too. This selfless and demanding job by healthcare assistants, also known as medical assistants, comes with high responsibilities.

A medical assistant job is quite challenging and requires efforts that can easily surpass those needed for any other job. Naturally, a tough job requires a salary that matches the expectations of the doer and compensates for the overwhelming nature of the occupation.

Most medical students have a question that how much medical assistant can earn?. As per reported, Medical Assistant salary ranges from $24,960 – $36,950. The hefty pay-cheque and the unnerving respect that accompanies this profession quickly makes it one of the best medical job choice out there and has an impeccable growth record tabulated over the past years.

How much does a Medical Assistant earn per hour?

The answer to this question or query varies depending on various elements such as the level of experience the individual possesses, the education standard achieved, the kind of certification attained, and skill level exhibited.

From a trusted source like, the average medical assistant hourly pay comes to an estimate of around $12 – $15 per hour. This type of figure can make anyone opt for this reputable profession, and hence the growth data, as predicted by the Bureau of Labour statistics, is touching a massive 23 percent from 2018 to 2028.

As the level of expertise and skill increases, so does the average salary mark noted. The medical assistant salary information comes in quite a specific format on websites like, which encourages individuals to hone the right aptitude and skill set for the job.

They often ponder upon which institute is the best to complete the course from, and AIHT Education brushes the specks of doubts right away. It is one of the best institutes to attain a medical assistant certification. This healthcare training institute is coincidentally in Connecticut, USA, and the state which also has the approx salary of a medical assistant to be a whopping USD 36,950.

Difference between entry-level salary and mid-career salary

The below information is from

An entry-level Medical Assistant with less than 1-year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of $13.00 based on 2,212 salaries. An early career Medical Assistant with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $14.04 based on 14,308 salaries. A mid-career Medical Assistant with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $15.50 based on 8,844 salaries. An experienced Medical Assistant with 10-19 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $16.43 based on 8,192 salaries. In their late-career (20 years and higher), employees earn an average total compensation of $17.

Responsibilities and Returns

Though the job has a lucrative salary package, it is stressful. From handling administrative duties to looking into laboratory services, a medical assistant has his or her hands full. The profession is competitive and requires the utmost diligence. Those with a disciplined routine and nerves of steel breeze easily through the pile of daily responsibilities and make the job look effortless. Despite the complexity level, it is easily one of the best medical professions out there.

A medical assistant’s hourly pay is almost double of what any other mediocre job has to offer, with the luxury of admiration and unwavering attention being among additional bonuses. People have high opinions of those operating in the medical field and tend to idolize them more frequently than any other regular professional.

Heading Back to the Salary Factor

According to a reliable source, a healthcare professional’s average salary in various states of the US hit a record high of USD 40,000 and it also increases at an exponential growth rate. A medical assistant’s salary in Connecticut USA is not far behind this figure, lagging by a few thousand dollars.

Thus, practicing in CT is not a bad option to consider. Having the best institute for medical training located there makes it easier to scavenge for excellent job opportunities with lucrative benefits. AIHT Education is an institute that offers various affordable programs and also grants a Federal Student aid, which makes it easier on a financial basis.

Key Takeaways

So, a demanding job requires a headstrong personality with a calm attitude. Any medical profession is like a dark cloud with its silver lining, and on the other hand, a healthcare assistant profession has its advantages and disadvantages.

On conferring upon the ability to affect another person’s life comes at a price, and those who are willing to pay, it goes a long way to etch their presence on the world’s empty canvas. AIHT is an institute that an aspirant can rely on when looking for a medical assistant certificate.