Most Common Jobs for CNAs

Basic patient care is a vital segment in the healthcare industry, and people want personal attention and assistance for better recovery, which has led to increased demand for professionals who have appropriate qualifications and expertise.

One such designation in this segment is Certified Nursing Assistant or CAN. So, if you want to pursue a career in this field and want to have in-depth knowledge about best places to work as a CNA, read on and choose according to your goals.

As per the report, a certified nurse assistant can make $44,779 per year. Also in urban areas, hospitals and nursing homes offer high salaries for CNAs.

Before we venture into the details of job opportunities, it is necessary to understand the role a CNA is expected to play and the certified nurse training programs that you need to choose to grow in the future.

The CNA Job Description

A certified nursing assistant works in a healthcare setup and renders basic patient care to people suffering from different health conditions or recovering from surgery. These professionals are support systems for nurses as they perform all tasks related to grooming, daily monitoring, and patient hygiene. Here are some common duties of a CNA:

  • Cleaning and maintaining hygiene in the rooms along with making beds, washing bed linens, sanitizing furniture etc.
  • Assisting patients in moving around and repositioning them for sleeping, eating, or sitting as required.
  • Making necessary arrangements as needed by the patient, like bathing, combing, brushing, exercising, and more.
  • Monitoring patient’s vitals regularly and coordinating with the registered nurses.
  • Documenting all necessary information about the patient, symptoms, and response to ongoing treatment.
  • Dressing wounds and changing bandages to maintain proper hygiene.
  • Ensuring that the patient eats on a regular basis and takes food as prescribed by the doctor.

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Key Skills You Need as a Certified Nursing Assistant

Now that we have listed all the major responsibilities, here are some crucial skills that you need to have to become a certified nursing assistant:

  • Knowledge of medical terminology and processes
  • If you desire to pursue a career as a CNA, you need to undergo CNA training, where you will be taught the nursing orders and important medical conditions that you will be dealing with on a daily basis. Therefore, expect to gather a lot of information during the training program and be ready to implement it practically.

  • Communication skill set
  • As a certified nursing assistant, you will be coordinating between patients, registered nurses, and sometimes doctors, which means you need to have effective communication skills so that the right diagnosis is made and treatment is given.

  • Standardized data recording
  • The certified nursing assistant jobs in hospitals expect professionals to be proficient in recording information since the accuracy of data would only help them give the best treatment to the patients. Hence, you need to have in-depth knowledge of data recording and documentation.

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Empathy, trust, and emotional connection are inseparable skills for the CNA’s profiles. A recovering patient demands a lot of attention physically and emotionally as he relies on the medical professional for the smallest task. Therefore, you need to be polite and responsive to them.

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Most Common Jobs for CNAs

If you are planning to take you are planning to take up CNA as a profession, you should first study the different places certified nursing assistants can work so that you have a clear understanding of the environment you wish to work in. Here is an exhaustive list of different medical setups where you will be hired if you undergo a training program:

1. Hospitals

A hospital is a huge medical facility where doctors from different specializations render their services, and hence, these organizations hire the most CNAs. You will see several types of patients suffering from different ailments; hence, be prepared for new tasks every day. If you join a specific department in the setup, then you may work with patients suffering from the same health condition, but they will still bring different experiences with them. Hospitals usually offer a higher salary package compared to any other healthcare setup, and thus, it is a good option to consider.

2. Nursing homes

A nursing home is a comparatively smaller setup than a hospital, and patients tend to spend more time in the ward here, which means you will have to deal with fewer people. In nursing homes, CNAs care for patients with similar needs, which slows down the pace. If you are someone who wants to have expertise in handling patients with specific health conditions, the nursing home is a better place to work.

3. Assisted living centers

Once you become a CNA certification nurse, you can choose to work in an assisted living center, which basically deals with people who have minimal medical-related needs and desire support for daily activities and mobility. This is an opportunity where you can work stress-free and bond with patients while performing given tasks.

4. Adult daycare centers

Some patients visit adult daycare centers due to physical or mental disabilities and return home at the end of the day. Such centers hire professionals with CNA certification so that they can help with daily chores like bathing, using the washroom, going for a walk, mobility, exercising, etc. Also, you will have to take care of diet and medications, if any, and discuss concerns with the in-charge or patient’s family regularly for his wellbeing.

5. Home care

Some patients need long-term care without any medical supervision, and hence, they are allowed to stay at their place under a certified nursing assistant. A CNA here would spend time with the patient, assisting him in daily chores and engaging him in recreational activities so that he stays content and recovers from the ailment successfully. You will have to closely monitor the patient and record all essential information like vitals, collect test samples, and diet to share with the concerned nurse or doctor whenever needed.

6. Private clinics

The role of a CNA is less intense when he works under an independent doctor or joins a private practice, as patients would typically visit for less severe health conditions. You will have to prepare them for check-ups, record medical information like patient personal details, medical history, current complaints, and vitals, and simultaneously assist the staff in maintaining stock supply.

7. Government healthcare setups

The government runs healthcare centers at different levels, and they hire professionals who have completed CNA courses and are ready to assist patients with medical as well as regular activities. You would be expected to assist the medical staff, such as registered nurses, doctors, and other specialized professionals, along with basic patient care.

There is a lot of scope for growth if you opt for CNA as a profession; however, your success would also depend on the institute from which you pursue the training program. Healthcare organizations, irrespective of their size and nature, are very particular about the knowledge, proficiency, and dedication of a candidate when hiring. So, suppose you are ready to go ahead with this career option.

In that case, you need to gather all possible information about educational requirements for CNA certifications and institutes that offer a well-designed program.

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Q1) What job do CNAs make the most money?

The hospitals offer the best salary packages to CNAs as they deal with a large number of patients every day and, hence, need more professionals to cater to their diverse needs and engage with patients for the best possible treatment.

Q2) What are the most common jobs for CNAs?

A certified nursing assistant can professionally work in a hospital, private clinic, adult care center, home care service, or an assisted living center, according to the role he wants to play. While some organizations have fast-paced and high-demanding profiles, others have less medical care involved.

Q3) What kind of jobs can you get as a certified nursing assistant?

If you pursue CNA as a career, you choose a role according to the type of responsibilities you are willing to take up. If you want to deal with different patient types and are ready for hectic schedules with great learning opportunities, join a hospital. If you want a slow-paced job with similar patient types, choose from a private clinic, assisted living center, or home care.

Q4) Where does a certified nursing assistant (CNA) work?

A certified nursing assistant can find a job in any healthcare organization or assisted living center where patients who need help with basic care and activities show up. While in some setups, CNAs deal with patients having diversified health conditions, in others, there are people with the same ailments and aid requirements.

Q5) What jobs can you get with a CNA certification?

A CNA can apply for jobs that deal with patients who need help with daily chores, any medical condition, or recovering from an ailment. The job can be directly at a patient’s home, in a clinic, or a nursing home, and hence, the choice completely depends on the professional.

Q6) What does a certified nursing assistant do?

The certified nursing assistant is directly engaged with the patient and helps him do basic tasks like bathing, combing, eating, exercising, maintaining hygiene, etc. Also, he is expected to monitor his health condition, record vitals, and report them regularly to the registered nurse or doctor.

Q7) What are the career advancement options for CNAs?

After appropriate CNA training and a few years of experience in the healthcare industry, one can upgrade his qualifications and plan to opt for jobs like licensed practical nurse (LPN), registered nurse, nursing home administrator, etc., according to one’s interest and career goals.

Q8) How do you become a certified nursing assistant?

One needs to enroll in a CNA training program and study physiology, anatomy, and nutrition to understand the role and responsibilities. Also, to get the certification, one needs to complete a specific tenure of clinical experience for practical training, after which an examination needs to be passed for a CNA license.