Phlebotomy Technician Salary in CT

The average phlebotomy technician salary in the state of Connecticut, USA is between $ 33,500 and $ 35,000 per annum (the variation is based on location within the state). The hourly wage calculation works out between $ 16 to $ 17 per hour.

Salary Overview

Phlebotomists (or phlebotomy technicians) are amongst the first persons a patient meets in his course of medical diagnosis. Phlebotomy technicians draw and store blood samples, and also transport them to the laboratory wherever required. Their duties also involve high level of patient interaction and require good people skills. They are also required to perform administrative duties such as labeling, storing, transporting, maintaining of registers, writing reports, safe disposal of used items and medical waste etc. Obviously the nature of work makes phlebotomy an evergreen profession, and it earns its place in the list of occupations which shall remain recession-proof and provide an ever expanding list of work opportunities. Phlebotomy technician’s skills are utilized in medical diagnosis, medical research, transfusion and donations.

Phlebotomist’s Salary in USA

As per BLS 2012 data, there are about a hundred thousand phlebotomy technicians working in the US. They earn an average annual wage of $ 29,730 per annum ($ 14.29 per hour).

Beginners of the bottom ten percentile wage earners in phlebotomy can expect to get paid around $ 21,340 per annum ($ 10.26 per hour).

At 25 percentile, the wage of a phlebotomy technician increases to $ 25,110 per annum ($12.07 per hour).

At 75 percentile, the salary increases to $ 35,920 per annum ($ 17.27 per hour); while phlebotomy technicians in the top 10 percentile can make around $ 42,600 per annum ($ 20.48 per hour).

These figures show that a phlebotomy technician can look forward to opportunities for increase in salary along with experience, as there is ample growth for change.

The salary earned by a phlebotomy technician can vary based on experience, location, type of employer, size of employer’s work operations etc.

Phlebotomist’s salary in Connecticut

In the State of Connecticut, 1500+ phlebotomists are employed. Considering the smaller size of the state, this is a large number as compared to most other American states.

The mean wage for phlebotomy technicians in CT is approximately $ 35,000 per annum ($ 16.82 per hour).

A further look at the data gives us the salary range in detail.

The lower ten percentile of phlebotomy technicians in CT make around $ 26,430 per annum ($ 12.71 per hour).

A 25 percentile, this increases by 15%. The salary at this level is $ 30,400 per year ($ 14.61 per hour).

On the higher side at 75 percentile, the data shows a salary of $ 38,850 per annum ($ 18.78 per hour).

At the highest level, the top 10 percentile of phlebotomy technicians in Connecticut earn about $ 44,810 per annum ($ 21.55 per hour).

These figures about phlebotomy technicians’ salaries; rank CT in the top 10 states in the US with highest salaries for phlebotomy technicians.

Factors affecting Phlebotomist’s salary

Geographical Location: The same profession of phlebotomy pays differently in different cities and states across America. Primary factors influencing these differences are cost of living, location of health care center, competition, demand-supply gap of phlebotomy professionals etc. Also, urban areas typically pay better than semi-urban or rural areas.

Type of Employer: Hospitals or large health care setups pay the highest salary to phlebotomy technicians. In chronological order, the next four employers who pay the highest salaries to phlebotomists are diagnostic labs, doctor’s offices, colleges / universities, and ambulatory health care services.

Work Conditions: Apart from regular salary, there may be additional income based on work conditions. Some examples are earning overtime, earning shift bonus, special allowance in remote areas or areas with hardships, working in specialist centers, working with tougher groups such as children or emergency / trauma patients etc.