Medical Billing & Coding Specialist

Medical Billing & Coding Specialist

Medical Billing & Coding Specialist training program

Program Detail

The Medical & Billing Coding Specialist is a 4 months certificate program that provides students with knowledge and skills required to work as a medical biller in a variety of healthcare settings. The program will also provide training in the currently used ICD-10 code set. The main role of a coding and billing specialist is to assist the healthcare facility manage insurance claims, invoices, and payments.

Program Objective

The purpose of medical billing and coding program is to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge needed to explain the health insurance plans, requirements & responsibilities of the provider, insurance company and medical biller in depth.

Clinical Externship

At the end of the program, the student will be scheduled for clinical externship where he/she can gain hands-on experience in a physician’s office, hospital, or billing & coding management company under the supervision and control of the AIHT, overseen by a designated site supervisor. Externships allow students to develop skills and allows them to make connections with working professionals.

AIHT has clinical affiliations with numerous healthcare facilities where students will be placed at one or more of these affiliated sites and must complete their clinical hours based on the schedule provided by the school. Students are not permitted to begin the internship until all required classroom and lab hours are completed.

Program Guide

Please click here to learn more about the program courses, professional credentials and employment information.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent degree.
  • Passing score on the Accuplacer Next Generation – Arithmetic and Reading (Entrance) Exam.
  • Minimum requirement of technical and health standards

The program has a discernment application process. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee you will be accepted into the program. Out of all the applicants, those who are considered most qualified for the study and practice of sonography will be admitted.

Financial Assistance

AIHT works with the CT Department of Labor and is on the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL). Applicants collecting unemployment or on state assistances may qualify for a grant to attend the school.