Enrollment is open for Clinical Cardiographic Technician Program

AIHT Education in Stratford, CT is introducing new course Clinical Cardiographic Technician program (Advanced EKG training). Enrollment is open for this program and classes start on May 12th, Monday. Schedule an Appointment with admission counsellor or simply Walk In to discuss career opportunities.

This is Advanced EKG Program and covers all the important training related to carrying out ones duties as an EKG/ECG Technician. Moreover this course also provide training for (1) Stress Testing and (2) Holter Monitoring via classroom training and practical experience using latest equipment and machine in the Lab. This course widens the scope of learning, job opportunities and prospect of earning higher income in a competitive allied healthcare field.

Both Day and Evening classes are available on Weekdays (Monday to Thursday). For working professionals, Weekend classes are available on Saturdays.

Program details Clinical Cardiographic Technician Training

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