How To Become A Patient Care Technician?

Patient care technicians have become an integral part of all healthcare services in today’s world. From time immemorial, patient care technical skills have been an essential aspect of the healthcare industry to make sure that patients receive care and compassion during their time of need.

If you like assisting people and need to really make a transformation in the world, then a professional career as a patient care technician is perfect for you. Also, the best part here is that you do not require to spend years studying, interning, and having training to be a part of this industry.

So, let us look at the educational requirements, duties, certifications, and what is actually needed to become a professional patient care technician.

What is a patient care technician?

In the vast healthcare sector, you will find patient care technicians who are ready to perform multiple duties. Becoming a patient care technician requires primary medical education, like drawing blood or measuring vital signs.

They also provide support for patients by making sure they are comfortable. They are also tasked with assisting those patients who are unable to accomplish daily tasks on their own.

What are some of the responsibilities that PCTs need to fulfill?

Under the direction of doctors, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare professionals, patient care technicians are required to provide basic medical care, like recording important details and measuring vitals. In some of the states, they are also needed to be proficient in phlebotomy and dispensing of medicines.

Also, patient care technicians are required to help patients with daily tasks like bathing, using the bathroom, and eating. As patient care techs in some cases, you will be working with the same patient for years. This means that you will develop a bond with them and their families.

What are some main duties that PCTs have?

Some of the vital duties and key responsibilities of a patient care technician include:

  • Performance of basic tasks such as the measurement and recording of vital signs of patients.
  • Listening and enquiring about patient concerns and reporting them to the Registered Nurse or Doctor.
  • Moving, turning, or relocating patients to help with medical care.
  • Assisting patients with tasks such as eating, going to the bathroom, and getting dressed.
  • Assisting patients to maintain personal hygiene like bathing.

What are some basic medical skills that patient care technicians must have?

People who are empathetic and willing to help others become the best patient care technicians. You requisite to take care of people who might not be fully able to look after themselves, so the job requires people with a high level of empathy, kindness, and patience.

One of the soft skills of a patient care technician is communication with the patient and the family. Not only should they be able to understand the patient’s requirements and concerns, but they also must convey them to their supervisors.

Finally, patient care technicians need the physical stamina and strength to spend hours on their feet and help lift or move patients who have trouble moving around on their own.

Which sectors employ PCTs the most?

Patient care technicians can be employed anywhere where there are injured, sick or elderly people who need help to lead their daily lives. This means that most patient care technicians work in retirement or nursing homes, but there are also jobs available in hospitals, outpatient care, and home care providers.

Patient care technicians can work both part-time and full-time, but shifts may be scheduled for morning, day, or night, and even during holidays or weekends.

What are the educational qualifications required for patient care technicians?

When showcasing potential employers, patient care technician’s prerequisite to have the precise skill sets and experience to treat patients. You need to have the training required for patient care technicians from a university or college.

Once you get a diploma, you need to pass the certification exams to start applying for jobs. There are multiple programs that require a full year in school, but some certificates can be obtained in as little as around 9 months. So, in less than a year, you could be helping people and earning a better living as a professional.

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How to Become a Patient Care Technician?

Let us explore the step-by-step guide to the educational qualification required for patient care technicians.

  • Enroll in a PCT program:
  • To start a career in patient care technician, the initial step is to enroll in a program from an accredited university or college. Earning a diploma requires hard work and dedication over several months, but only some people who want to invest the effort and time can make it.

  • Get Certified:
  • When completing your certification to become a patient care tech, you will start building a baseline of knowledge and information about the healthcare industry. This will help familiarize you with some concepts and terms to help you encounter your job.

    From then, you will start learning specifics about patient care technicians and develop skills like physical therapy, phlebotomy, and operating medical equipment. You can also spend a good time developing patient caring skills that help you prepare to adapt to challenging situations with patients.

    The final step is to practice with patients in a supervised environment. It is the best probable approach to get some life experience and helps build confidence when it comes to developing the clinical skills of a patient care technician.

    When choosing to get a state-approved PCT program, consider universities or colleges that provide job placement assistance to complete the program.

  • Qualifying as a PCT:
  • Licensing requirements depend from state to state, and receiving certifications from a nationally accredited organization is a fantastic way to showcase to employers that you have the essential skill sets to turn into a patient care technician.

    The national center for competency testing offers certifications to students who want to become patient care technicians. The exam has over 150 questions and is conducted over a period of 3 hours which covers all aspects from care techniques to ethics and confidentiality.

How much can Patient Care Technicians Make?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a patient care technician, on average, earns about $ 32,000, or approximately around $ 15.50 an hour.

What is the precise job outlook for professional patient care technicians?

As per the US Bureau of Labor, employment in the patient care tech industry will grow by 8% over a span of 10 years which is higher than any other industry. This is largely due to the fact that a large population is reaching an age where the requirement for healthcare support is growing.

So, this actually means that more people will need help in their daily lives than before. Hence, the overall job outlook for patient care techs looks extremely bright.

Key Takeaways

If you like assisting people and want to bring a transition in their lives, then becoming a patient care technician is perfect for you. By helping people lead better lives, you not only help them but the society as a whole.

You also will receive a tremendous amount of love and blessings not only from the patient but from their family for helping them in their time of difficulty. However, you also requisite to be aware of how stressful and tiring the job can be. There will be some of the days that will make you rethink your career choice, but there will also be others where your help can make a world of transition for a person.

FAQs on becoming a professional and skilled patient care technician

1) Is being a PCT worth it?

Becoming a PCT is a highly gratifying job. You need to support people in their daily activities when they cannot help themselves. When working with patients over a long period, you start developing deeper relationships with the patient and their families.

2) Why should you become a professional patient care technician?

If you like caring and helping support others, then a patient care technician job is perfect for you. Not only will you have to support patients physically but also emotionally when they go through medical concerns. You also become an integral part when delivering critical care to those in need.

3) How do you become a professional patient care technician in Connecticut?

As an individual who likes caring for others, you can be a professional patient care technician in Connecticut. Enroll yourself in a patient care technician program and pass the state exam to get certified. You can look for jobs in multiple hospitals, nursing homes, and outpatient care centers in Connecticut with your certification.

4) What degree do you need to become a patient care technician?

To become a patient care technician, no professional college degree is required. Just a certification or a diploma qualification from a training program institute will do.

5) What are the steps to pursue a career as a patient care technician?

There are 3 steps to becoming a patient care technician. They include:

  • Enrolling in a certification program
  • Completing the required hours that include classroom and training
  • Passing the exam and receiving a certification

6) What are the pros of selecting a career as a patient care technician?

There are multiple pros to choosing a career as a patient care technician. These include:

  • It is highly rewarding as you support patients in their time of need.
  • You get to assist people and make a transition in their lives.
  • With a short training period, you can start working as a patient care technician within a year.
  • You learn essential caregiving skills that include primary medical processes such as measuring vitals and taking blood that can help in daily life as well.
  • There are many job opportunities accessible as the industry is maturing quickly than any other occupation in the USA.

7) What can you learn in patient care tech training?

When training to become a patient care tech, you will be provided with medical knowledge. You will also hold the opportunity to learn clinical skills that include measuring vitals, CPR, first aid, and phlebotomy. You will also be trained to help support patients in their day-to-day tasks such as eating and bathing. Some other skills you will be taught are to understand charts and reports to help diagnose the patient.

8) How long does it take to be a professional patient care technician?

Most patient care technician courses require students to finish 600 training hours. This is a total combination of classroom-based training and on-hand experience that some institutes provide.

9) How much do patient care technicians make in Connecticut?

Patient care technicians in Connecticut can expect to earn salaries that are generally higher than the national average. The exact amount they make can vary depending on several factors including experience, education, additional certifications, and the specific healthcare facility.

According to the research, the average annual salary for patient care technicians in Connecticut ranged from approximately $34,000 to $45,000. However, it’s important to note that these figures are subject to change and may vary based on factors such as location within Connecticut and individual qualifications.