Is Medical Assisting The Right Career Choice for You?

If you want to look at being a medical assistant as a career, you have landed at the right place. The job of medical assisting is the perfect opportunity for people who want to help others. In this blog post we will explore the increasing demand for medical assistants.

There are multiple reasons to choose a medical assistant career. But the main question going across your mind right now is – is it a good career choice? So, let us take a deeper look!

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Key Reasons to Choose Medical Assistant Career

1. Having an in-demand career

As a medical assistant, your job will always be in-demand.

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, The medical assistant career is expected to increase 16% by 2031.

This is the fastest level of growth as compared to other job opportunities. Some of the most significant benefits of working in an in-demand career are job security, higher pay, and better growth opportunity.

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2. Short training period

The short training period is one of the biggest reasons for becoming a medical assistant. The training requirement for medical assistants is relatively straightforward. This means you do not need to lose too much time to advance your medical assistant career. You can also begin earning money sooner. A medical assistant program lasts from 6-24 months, with the most common choice being the 2-year one.

3. You can work in multiple environments

The role of a medical assistant is quite versatile. You can work in multiple work environments, such as physician’s offices, hospital-based clinics, outpatient centers, public health agencies, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes and more. Having various options means that you can choose the best work environment that makes you happy.

4. A flexible work schedule

Another prominent reason to become a medical assistant is a flexible work schedule. Multiple time slots are available to work as a medical assistant, and these are not limited to weekends either. You can choose to perform the morning, evening, night, and even weekend shifts. The beauty of this type of schedule is maintaining a work-life balance.

Pros of Choosing A Medical Assistant Career

Having a positive outlook

As we discussed that the medical assistant jobs are on the rise, this is much faster than another career, which makes it a positive job outlook. The prospect of having proper growth makes having medical assistant training all the more worthwhile.

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Capable of performing multiple duties

As a medical assistant, you are expected to wear multiple job roles throughout the day. You must be capable to better execute clinical activities such as recording significant signs, past medical reports & critical history of patients, and blood related tasks, amongst others. You will also have to do tasks such as setting appointments, billing, and managing health insurance. With so many duties on your shoulders, you will never have a slow day.


As a medical assistant, you can also specialize in different fields. Multiple areas of specialization include general medicine, psychiatry, and pediatrics, to name some. Specializing in specific regions means that you become more interested in employers who want to fill a particular role in a specific area.

Get certified

Certifications as a medical assistant are the perfect way to highlight your expertise in the field. As education requirements to become a medical assistant, no certificate is required, but it will help you stand out among other medical assistants vying for the same job.

Challenges to Keep in Mind Before Selecting A Medical Assistant Career

When you develop medical assistant soft skills, you will have to complete multiple clinical and administrative tasks that can be both rewarding and stressful at the same time. But there are some challenges to be aware of when starting your job responsibility of a medical assistant:

Long hours

As a medical assistant, you will be required to work multiple hours that might vary from day to day and can extend longer. You can get 8-hour shifts or even be assigned to work 12-hour ones. All medical assistants must be open to working on nights, weekends, and even holidays. This can affect your work-life balance and social life, as well as cause fatigue, burnout, sleep deprivation, and emotional issues.

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Working in an intense environment

Most medical assistants must perform a set of duties surrounding patient care and administrative and clinical tasks. These can differ from job role to job role. Having to perform multiple responsibilities at the same time can take a toll on their health, both mentally and physically.

Medical assistants must work with patients, which can sometimes be unpleasant. Patients can also be quite negative, and as a medical assistant, you may be on the receiving end of their stress or anxiety. But the challenge is that you will also need to maintain your patience and professionalism with these patients.

Scope of work can be restricted

Medical assistants must perform multiple tasks, but they are limited in their decision-making abilities. Their scope of work is portrayed as a medical assistant in numerous aspects such as clinical training, education, and laws in your areas. Medical assistants cannot operate laser equipment in specific states, interpret test results, or administer IV medications.


Whether medical assisting is the right career choice for you depends on your interests, skills, and goals. Medical assistants perform administrative and clinical tasks in healthcare settings. If you enjoy working with people, have strong organizational skills, and want to work in the medical field, then medical assisting could be a good fit for you.

The demand for Medical Assistants is rising, and with that, the salaries have also increased. Even if you have minimal experience, there is still a good chance you will be able to secure a position and make a decent wage.

As a Medical Assistant, you provide patients with medical care and help protect their health. This scenario can be fulfilling for those who take pride in caring for others and ensuring they stay healthy. So, a career as a Medical Assistant is an excellent choice due to its increasing demand and stability.


Q1) Is medical assisting a good career?

Becoming a medical assistant is a great career choice if you are interested in helping people. When your patient feels better, or you make sure that you make them comfortable, the ability to make someone feel better makes the job worthwhile.

Q2) Why can opt for a medical assistant as a career?

Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the medical assistant job will be growing 16% by 2031. This research report shows that the medical assistant career demand will be going high in upcoming years.

You will have safe and high paying job if you are selecting a medical assisting career.

Q3) What are the benefits of selecting a medical assisting career?

Some of the benefits of selecting a medical assistant career are:

  • Having an in-demand career
  • Entry into the industry is minimal
  • The training period is not as long
  • You can work in multiple settings
  • You have a flexible work schedule

Q4) Who can choose a medical assistant career?

Anyone who has a high school diploma can become a medical assistant. There is no actual formal educational requirement to become a medical assistant. Most assistants have a post-secondary diploma or certificate that is obtained from a vocational college or school.

Q5) What are the skills required to become a medical assistant?

Some of the most successful medical assistants must have the following set of technical skills, such as:

  • Vital sign measurement
  • Phlebotomy
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Patient Preparation
  • Electrocardiography
  • Medical terminology

Q6) What is the best job as a medical assistant?

Some of the best jobs as the medical assistant are working in:

  • Medical and surgical hospitals
  • Physician’s office
  • Retirement homes
  • Outpatient care
  • Other health practitioner offices

Q7) Which life skills are most desirable in a medical assistant?

Some of the most essential life skills required to be a medical assistant are:

  • Communication
  • Work Ethic
  • Empathy
  • Active listening
  • Team Work
  • Adaptability

Q8) Do medical assistants need to be certified in Connecticut?

Connecticut requires no formal certification or education to become a medical assistant. You must complete a post-secondary training program offering a diploma or certificate. This generally takes a year to complete.