Best Tips to Turn a Medical Assistant Externship Into a Job

Every individual dream of getting the best job opportunity, and they plan their action plan to ensure that nothing goes wrong. After all, a successful career is what everyone strives for. If you have opted for a career in healthcare and wish to get practical experience before you get into a job and start your journey, an externship is what you need.

The healthcare industry is growing, so job options in this field are increasing. Every organization wishes to hire the best staff and prefers people who have tried to get a better understanding. Thus, you should be aware of all opportunities around you.

As per the report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, The rise in medical assistant employment will be increased by 16% by 2031. There is no doubt that the medical assisting career will be in high demand in upcoming years.
Institutions offering medical assisting programs include externships to ensure that individuals get desired exposure and are better prepared to perform their duties.

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What is a Medical Assisting Externship?

Working with professional medical assistants at hospitals, clinics, or healthcare facilities is a medical assisting externship. You will closely work with them to understand the day-to-day responsibilities and ways to help patients with different health conditions. It is a great opportunity to acquire skillsets to help you get a good job. It is time to apply the theories learned in the classroom practically.

Below are some responsibilities you are expected to fulfill during medical assisting training:

  • Interacting with patients on phone calls to solve their queries.
  • Attending patients and performing vital checks.
  • Updating and discussing patient records with the concerned healthcare professional.
  • Managing documentation like billing, insurance, and treatment plans.
  • Discussing the treatment and procedures with the patient so that they get mentally prepared.

The duration of a medical assistant externship varies from one institute to another. Several hospitals and clinics shortlist a few best-performing candidates and offer a job with them to acquire the best talent.

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Qualities that Make a Good Health Assistant

Now that you know the tasks you are expected to take up during a medical assistant job, let us check out the soft skills and qualities that you should have to be a medical assistant:

  • Every healthcare organization has its policies and rules; you should abide by them and be liable.
  • An externship is a demo job; therefore, you should behave like a professional in the setup. Wear proper uniform or formal clothes.
  • You should be polite and empathetic towards your patients as a medical assistant.
  • You should be very serious about the externship since your performance will be evaluated.
  • It is an opportunity to learn and find solutions to challenges that professionals face daily.

Tips for a Successful Medical Assistant Externship

Suppose you are persistent, hardworking, efficient, and honest in performing all allotted duties. In that case, you will have a successful externship that may also become a permanent job offer. Below are some tips that will help turn a medical assistant externship into a job:

Be dedicated from the beginning

As the famous saying states, the first impression is the last impression. So, you must put in your best effort to impress the professionals and assessors. Dress up properly, behave politely, and be compassionate to your patients. This dedication will pay you back.

Be confident

Remember, you studied all the basics of healthcare and patient dealing in your class, and the externship is an opportunity to show how well you can implement them practically. Thus, have confidence in yourself and take initiative wherever you feel you can handle the situation.

Be inquisitive

Inquisitiveness isn’t bad. Ask questions from the on-duty professionals. This will help you understand the complexities of processes followed in healthcare organizations.

Be interactive

Happy patients convey the efficiency of a medical assistant. Thus, respect them and listen to understand their problem. A good connection will help you get a better job.

Be punctual

In the healthcare industry, every second counts and is crucial to saving a patient’s life. Thus, never be late at work.

Be active

Working as a medical assistant, you should always be involved in tasks. You may volunteer and help the professional for treatment. Do not take unnecessary breaks, and do not get distracted by what others are doing.

Follow the organization’s policies

Every healthcare organization has strict policies regarding maintaining confidentiality and processes. A helpful piece of advice for a successful medical assistant externship is to stick by the rules and be vigilant to ensure no error.


Now that you know how to turn a medical assistant externship into a career job, be prepared to take up the opportunities and challenges. Good behavior, efficiency, dedication, and compassion are the ways to a successful medical externship. It is time to perform your best and step into a flourishing career.

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Q1) How can I be successful in a medical externship?

Healthcare organizations want people who put in their best efforts and time to help patients recover. During a medical externship, you must perform all the tasks and assist professionals in treatment, patient dealing, and record management. If you are dedicated to your job and are passionate about pursuing a career, you will have a successful externship.

Q2) What can I do better as a medical assistant?

If you have chosen medical assistant as a career, you will be responsible for handling patients, maintaining records, and updating the doctor about the progress. You have a crucial role to play as your analysis will decide the action plan.

Q3) How do I move up as a medical assistant?

Once you prove yourself an efficient medical assistant, you can consider applying for supervisory and managerial roles. There is immense scope in this field, so you should be hardworking.

Q4) What is the objective of a medical assistant externship?

A medical assistant externship aims to render practical experience to students enrolled in the training program. It is an opportunity to apply and understand practices you read in books, thus, preparing you mentally and physically for a job.

Q5) Are medical externships good for resumes?

Medical externships are great for individuals seeking jobs in reputed hospitals and clinics. Management prefers hiring people who have worked in a hectic environment and understand the daily complexities of dealing with patients. Therefore, an externship would increase the chances of getting hired.

Q6) What are tips for the successful completion of the medical externship?

If you have opted for a medical externship, perseverance, competence, communication, and flexibility are the traits that you should have for successful completion. You will likely get a job offer if you perform well per the organization’s standards.