Benefits Of Pursuing A Career In Patient Care Technician

If you aim to pursue a career in the medical industry apart from a doctor, there are several options to choose from, and one option that has recently gained popularity is patient care technician.

Becoming a PCT lets you make a patient’s life easy and better since you would be working directly with them. In this blog post, we will highlight the gains and benefits of working as a professional patient care technician to give you clear insight and help you choose a role that you will love.

As per the report of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected job outlook for patient care technicians is expected to reach 4% by 2032. These statistics show that this career has a high growth in the upcoming years.

Role Of A Patient Care Technician

A PCT is responsible for the daily care and supervision of patients who have medical conditions or have undergone surgery and are in the recovery phase.

Below are some responsibilities that you will be expected to fulfil while working as a patient care technician in a healthcare organization or clinic:

  • Interacting with the patients to understand their mental status and render emotional support so that they respond well to the treatment given and recover quickly.
  • Collecting samples of urine, blood, and stool and delivering them to the testing lab for correct analysis of the medical condition.
  • Regular check-ups and record vitals like blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate, etc., and report them to the concerned health professional.
  • Monitoring the patient’s diet and daily routine according to the patient’s condition.
  • Instant reporting of health conditions in case some concerns arise or changes occur in the patient’s situation, helping in a better treatment plan.
  • Assist patients in walking around and reaching the bathroom whenever required and also make them exercise to ensure essential physical movement throughout the day.

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Benefits of Becoming a Patient Care Technician

Pursuing a PCT career brings along several advantages, allowing you to grow well in the future. This is one option that has bright prospects since the role of patient care technician will always be in demand.

The healthcare industry and domains are growing at a highly swift pace, and there will always be a requirement for professionals who can work on the frontline and interact with patients for better treatment. Here are some advantages of choosing a PCT career that you should be aware of to make the right decision:

1. Opportunities in different healthcare setups

A PCT plays a crucial role in patient engagement irrespective of the setup size and nature. Hospitals, retirement communities, clinics, and even independent healthcare practitioners need to hire professionals with patient care technician training.

This means that there are numerous job opportunities in this field, and you can select the type of setup you want to work in. Hence, it becomes easy to select the role and pursue a career of your interest, ensuring that you grow well.

2. New experiences every day

When you become a patient care technician, you can expect new experiences with patients daily since every person will have a different health condition, and you will be required to assist them accordingly. Hence, it isn’t a monotonous job.

However, you should have a zest for this role and should be ready to be on your toes always since new patients will keep coming in, and the job will keep you engaged throughout. A PCT has a crucial role in the treatment. Hence, you need to recognize it as an opportunity to learn new things every day, and you will definitely enjoy it.

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3. The positive change you bring to people’s lives

The job outlook for patient care technicians is more than assisting patients to recover well. If you perform your duties efficiently, you bring a positive change in their lives, which they will remember for a lifetime.

You are directly involved with the patients and serve as a bridge between them and the healthcare staff, and hence, you build strong bonds with people at all levels. So, if you are someone who aims to earn good money while saving lives, this is the right career choice for you.

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4. Well-paid job opportunities

As you search for careers as a patient care technician, you should be aware that most healthcare organizations understand the importance of the role and offer good salary packages to professionals who are keen to excel in the field. Hence, you can grow and earn well in the future if you show commitment.

5. Higher education for better roles

If you think that the patient care technician program is the end of the road, you are guessing it wrong. Once you complete your PCT training and gain experience for a few years, you can upgrade your qualifications and get promoted to management positions as well.

This becomes easy since you already know how things work in the practical world, which gives you a better understanding of the role and an edge over others.

Moving Forward

Now that you are aware of the benefits of working as a PCT and are interested in knowing the roadmap to the goal, you need to find a well-designed course in PCT. Several institutes offer courses in this stream, but you need to choose one that is appropriately designed to render the best education for you.

Also, consider the reputation of the institution in the industry since healthcare institutions prefer hiring from the best ones. Therefore, you may have to research well and compare all the available courses before enrolling for one so that you get the desired job opportunities on completion.

If you are still wondering where to find the best PCT course, AIHT Education is the best place to start. The institute is committed to providing the best training programs in different fields and has one of the best faculty that help students grow in all possible ways. So, enroll in the AIHT patient care technician training program and take your first step toward a flourishing career.


Q1) What are the benefits of a PCT?

PCT is an exciting role since you have different tasks to complete each day as you would be dealing with new patients with different health conditions, so there is a lot of scope for learning. Also, after working as a PCT for some time, you can upgrade your educational qualifications and apply for management roles in healthcare organizations.

Q2) What are the career advantages of becoming a PCT?

PCT is a flourishing career option for someone who wants to opt for a medical job apart from a doctor. As these technicians are directly involved with patients, healthcare organizations are keen to hire trained and efficient professionals who have undergone PCT training, which means the growth prospects are bright.

Q3) Why is PCT an excellent job?

The role of a PCT is crucial since he works as a connecting channel between doctors and patients, so if he makes an error, it can affect the overall treatment. Hence, hospitals and clinics offer good packages and ample growth opportunities to deserving candidates, so if you are good at your work, you can earn well and have a bright career.

Q4) What are the benefits of caring for patients?

If you are someone who loves interacting with new people every day, PCT is the correct medical profession for you to choose. It is a great experience, and you also contribute to making people’s lives better with your assistance and helping them overcome their health conditions with the least effort, which definitely gives them mental satisfaction.

Q5) What does a patient care technician do?

Patient care technicians are medical professionals who engage directly with patients and assist them in recovering as well as in their day-to-day routines. Also, they perform critical duties like sample collections and tests and record vitals on a regular basis to be shared with concerned doctors for better treatment plans.

Q6) What are the reasons for becoming a patient care tech?

Young students who wish to pursue a career in the healthcare industry and be involved in patient treatment should go for a PCT training program without any doubts. The demand for such technicians is set to rise in the future as well since the medical industry is growing, which clearly means more work opportunities.

Q7) What is the daily work of a patient care technician?

A PCT is expected to monitor a patient’s health condition by performing simple yet essential tasks like sample collection for lab testing, checking vitals like blood pressure and pulse, etc. preparing a recovery chart, and assisting in regular activities like using the washroom, exercising, dieting, and emotional wellbeing.