4 Skills that Make a Great Sonographer

What Makes a Great Sonographer?

Demand for Sonographers is increasing to meet the evolving needs of the population. Sonography is a noninvasive, painless procedure. It works by using high-frequency sound waves called ultrasound waves which produce images of the organs, soft tissues, blood vessels, and blood flow.

These images are used for medical analysis. A career as an Ultrasound Technician or Sonographer requires great skill and dedication.

AIHT Education offers a Diagnostic Medical Sonography program in CT, USA. We have compiled a list of the key personality traits, skills and qualities of a great ultrasound technician.

1. Compassion

Being compassionate helps alleviate the suffering of others. An ultrasound technician must be ready to carefully explain procedures to their patients, a number of whom could also be nervous about the exam or the issues it’s going to reveal.

Speaking calmly with patients is key. Research shows that communicating with kindness and empathy can reduce the pressure, and anxiety that a patient may feel before or during the exam.

As a health professional one should always strive to be polite, however in some cases in an emergency or an otherwise rushed situation, this can be difficult. Anxiety is contagious, therefore it is vital to be calm while speaking to your patient.

Avoid rushed visual communication like foot tapping or rapid-fire pen clicking. Open communication and positive visual communication are fundamental to establishing trust. It is important to pay attention to the thoughts and emotions of your patients.

You should think about how your words might impact their feelings. Awareness of your emotions and others’ emotions will assist you provide compassionate care.

2. Technical Skills and Eye-Hand Coordination

Basic motor abilities underlie the performance of many routine activities in the sonography profession. Manual dexterity is the ability to form coordinated hand and finger movements. In the sonography field one must have fine finger dexterity, arm wrist speed and aiming ability.

As a professional you will be evaluated on your accuracy of measurement and overall quality of the image.

3. Dedicated Learner

The exceptional sonographer never stops learning. You will have the opportunity to learn from experience and qualified staff. The knowledge will empower you to further strengthen your ability to deliver exceptional services. It will also be important for career advancement into managerial roles.

4. Physical Strength

This is a career that requires individuals to be on their feet for long periods and must be able to lift and move patients who need assistance.

There are some jobs that will be Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm however, other jobs may require overtime, being on-call or mid-day or night shift work. You must be resilient and ready for a long difficult work shift.

Working in the healthcare field requires great physical and mental strength. Especially now, during the COVID-19, the workload in the hospitals and clinics can be overwhelming.

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How can I become a Sonographer?

AIHT Education is an accredited healthcare training school in Stratford CT that has three different sonography programs: Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Cardiovascular Technologist and Vascular Technologist.

Visit our website to schedule a meeting to talk with an admission counselor. Your future in healthcare starts at AIHT Education.